pellet production line

Recently,our Taiwan customer pay the money for the pellet line. Our this customer want to use the soil make pellets and then   landfill. They were start inspection our company in the last year. And compare with some factories in China. Our company recommended he use our SKJ800 flat die pellet machine. This machine have good forming for soil pellets. And also introduction the hammer mill,dryer,cooler and packing machine for them. At the last,they decide to visit our company again. And discuss the price with our boss. In order to show our sincerity,our boss give them the best price. And they were sign the contract immediately. And pay the money for the machines when they arrived to Taiwan,and we were arrange production for them as soon as possible.
Our company can according your material and your requirement design the suitable pellet line for you. So if you are interested in pellet line,please feel free to consult us.

Please leave your contact information and all your requirements to us, so that we could get in touch with you in time.